Mixed Crop Farmer

Plant, cultivate and harvest a variety of crops.
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    Mixed crop growers manage the production of a variety of crops, often at the same time on the same property. They use hand tools or farm equipment to prepare soil or growing mediums, plant, manage and harvest crops.

    Work is on farms or market gardens and is generally in rural areas. Early mornings and long hours are usual during harvest and planting.

    Suits people who work well within a team and have the ability operate and control farm equipment. Basic English and an interest in farm production and agriculture or horticulture are helpful.


    • select and plant seeds or seedlings
    • cultivate crop production by maintaining optimal growing conditions
    • harvest, store, grade and package produce for market
    • assist with the sale and dispatch of produce
    • perform or oversee farming activities such as fertilising, pruning, pest and weed control
    • maintain farm buildings, fences, equipment and water supply systems
    • keep and evaluate records of farming activities and plan production to meet market demands
    • may select, train and supervise staff and contractors.


    • Physically demanding
    • Requires driving
    • Working outdoors

    To become a Mixed Crop Farmer