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Defence Force Senior Officers manage organisational units of the Australian Defence Force through subordinate officers.


  • provides strategic direction and management, directs subordinates to meet objectives, achieve specific goals
  • plans manoeuvres, policy and ensures set standards are meet
  • consults with immediate subordinates and fellow defence heads (where appropriate) on such matters as methods of operation, equipment required and personnel
  • studies and analyses relevant data, reviews recommendations and reports, takes responsibility for preparation and presentation of information to the appropriate arms of military forces
  • decides or approves senior (and/or other) appointments
  • authorises missions, along with government approval
  • represents military arm at conferences, negotiations, official occasions, and liaises with other organisations.


  • stressful
  • working outdoors.

To become a Defence Force Senior Officer

  • You need to enter the Australian Defence Force and progress through the ranks to become a Defence Force Senior Officer.

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