Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are transforming industries now

The future is now


Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer a thing of the future; they are already beginning to transform industries. Within Australia, these include the mining, engineering and agriculture sectors.


Skills and training

A career in robotics is a great pathway for those who enjoy:

  • science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects and
  • putting things together and taking them apart to understand how they work.


Helping humans

Robots are performing routine and repetitive jobs while gathering information about complex environments, and automating tasks that involve manual labour that can be dangerous for humans.

Examples of some tasks robots are being used to perform include:

  • exploring unstable mine shafts
  • assessing the quality of wine grapes
  • performing environmental research and monitoring to protect cultural heritage sites.


New career opportunities

Robotics is a fast-growing industry and will have a large impact on many other sectors throughout Australia. Manufacturing, construction, resources, healthcare, services, defence, space sectors and more are all expected to rely on robotics and artificial intelligence in the coming decade, generating countless new jobs.


"Robotics will impact every sector of the Australian economy and has the potential to achieve enormous social and environmental good. Creating robotic technologies will lead to the jobs of the future through creating new possibilities."
Source: Robotics Australia Group


New technologies

Private companies, universities and research institutions are working together to develop new technologies to provide scientific, social and economic benefits to the Australian public.

Some of the new technologies and advances include:

  • self-driving cars
  • smart cities
  • autonomous drones
  • sensor technology.



You could pursue a higher education degree, like a Bachelor of Engineering. This will provide you with the theoretical and the practical aspects of engineering including those relevant to robotic engineering systems.


Tools and resources

You can find courses on robotics and artificial intelligence and compare education institutions through Course Seeker.


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