A disability support worker encouraging others to become more independent and confident in their abilities.

A rewarding career in disability support…

01 December, 2022
A female school leaver working in a team to enhance her soft skills

Using soft skills to get a job after school

25 November, 2022
A toddler playing with a wooden train set

World Children's Day

17 November, 2022
Simon Morrison inspects the wheat crop

AgDay 2022

17 November, 2022
A female learning about robotics and artificial intelligence

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are…

07 November, 2022
A female school leaver starting a new career working in regional Australia

Regional careers for school leavers

27 October, 2022
children playing while sitting on the floor with a childcare worker

Imagine a career in early childhood…

21 October, 2022
Agriculture worker flying a drone

Technology is changing jobs in agriculture

13 October, 2022
Podcaster recording from their home studio

Tune into a career in audio

30 September, 2022
Photo of a lady holding two tools in a workshop.

National Careers Week

16 May, 2022
A person's hands holding a mobile phone in front of a laptop computer using social media

A career in digital and social media

07 April, 2022
A smiling female interior designer standing in front of a desk with design samples

Interior designers are in demand

06 April, 2022